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      Social responsibility

      HIPROVE took "HIPROVE for life" as our corporate culture and development philosophy at the beginning of the company's establishment. In the process of continuous growth and development of the company, the leading group of the company leads all employees to extend a helping hand to the disadvantaged groups in the society. A series of charity activities for love have been carried out. Our donation amount is over 1,000,000 RMB

      We have visited children of Qingdao social welfare institute for many years.

      Subsidize the public welfare activities of medical expenses for poor children.

      We donate Medical consumables, Medical equipments, Healthcare products and Funds to over 10 Chinese or International healthcare organizations.

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        Public welfare activities

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        Social welfare institute

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        Public welfare activities

      1、Physical and mental health

      HIPROVE not only provides competitive salary and welfare for employees, but also pays attention to the construction of employees' physical health and spiritual culture. Keep our employees healthy and happy while they work.

      Invite employees' families to participate in our billiards competition together, hold basketball friendly matches and football matches on an irregular basis, and provide a wide space for employees to develop their entertainment interests and interpersonal communication.

      2、Periodic physical examination

      The company always puts the health of its employees first and regularly arranges free physical examinations for them every year.

      3、respect the elderly fund

      In order to establish a culture of respecting the old, respecting the old, loving the old and helping the old, the company has specially planned a special fund for the old, providing a fund for the parents of each employee on a regular basis.

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        Periodic physical examination

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        Billiards match

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        Basketball match