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      Current: Products> Medical Equipments > >Medical oxygen regulator with flowmeter

      Product customization service

      Most of the company's products can provide a full range of customized services including product materials, models, functions, packaging. Please contact customer service staff for details.

      Through more than ten years of medical and health product export services, we have accumulated a wealth of industry experience, and can provide professional and personalized services to meet the needs of different customers around the world for personalized and branded customized medical products.

      Medical oxygen regulator with flowmeter
      Quick Details
      • Type:
      • Breathing Apparatus
      • Brand Name:
      • Hiprove
      • Model Number:
      • HP-MY-011
      • Place of Origin:
      • Shandong, China (Mainland)
      • Certificate:
      • CE & ISO
      • Working pressure:
      • 0.1-3 bar
      • Rate of Flow:
      • 15 L/min
      • Max Input pressure:
      • 150 bar
      • Color:
      • Green
      Packaging & Delivery
      • Packaging Details:
      • 55x41x34cm
      • Delivery Time:
      • within 15 days
      Product Description

      All series have passed the CE certificate
      The main part uses the goodness copper, and cut with precision digitally controlled lathe.
      Lengthening air inlet valve lever , fit for the different capacity of oxygen cylinder.
      Integrated casting flowmeter
      Flow tube, wet cup of high-strength polycarbonate plastic body
       High temperature high-pressure sterilized humidifier body, to meet European standards for B-level disinfection .The maximum temperature of 121 degree Pressure 0.142MPa
      Polymer high-density filter, wet-based uniform.
      Product Information:
      Input pressure: 15 MPa
      Output pressure : 0.2-0 .3 MPa
      Safety valve: 0.35±0.05 MPa
      Flow rate :1-10 L / min ,1-15L / min
      Connecting thread: G 5 / 8, CGA540, male G 5 / 8, G3/4, DIN477 and CGA870.


      Type Medium Metering Range(L/Min) Accuracy Entrance Pressure Exit Pressure Entrance Connection Screw Thread OutPut Connection Screw Thread
      HP-MY-011 O2



      Grade 4








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